One day from Recyclix life

Dear recyclers,

Last week, from September 22 - 25, we welcomed some of our partners who came to visit our head office and some of the production sites to understand more about the recycling process. Now it’s time to tell and show you what a day in Recyclix is like.


Please meet our staff members who hosted the visit.

Dmitri Paladi, Founder and CEO
Mark Kowal, COO and deputy director
Dmitry Makenyak, CDO
Kirill Babin, sales office specialist
Adam Skrzynecki, operations and CTO
Valentina Dulko, office manager
Renat Osmanov, logistics manager
Klaus Heusslein, manager of the German customer department

We had a couple of days in order to show our guests the manufacturing process from A to Z and our route, due to the remoteness of the manufacturing facilities, totalled over 2000 km. The general meeting discussion had to do mainly with Q&A, but we were lucky to hit sunny days and had a great time, too.

We discussed many things that will need to be implemented in the near future in order to improve the system operation and customer service. However, let’s get back to it in a moment.

The partners who visited our factory came from Switzerland and Germany, and they have shown wide experience and know-how in decision-making and managing a business. It makes us very glad to deal with sensible people who possess an impersonal point of view and common sense even when it comes to controversial topics, which have been discussed too.

Our trip started at the waste collection station located near our office. We arrived there in order to load raw material that we purchase for further recycling. The total capacity of one truck is 24,000 kilos of waste and this time we loaded 22,400 kilos.

Photos below, which we took during the trip, will help you understand more how the recycling process is carried out.

Before it’s turned into granules that are used to produce, for example, agricultural film or plastic pipes, all waste must be sorted out, ground, washed, extruded, and granulated.

Due to the logistics costs, waste from every region is processed at the closest production facilities. Depending on the equipment characteristics, the production capacity ranges from 300 to 1000 kilos per hour.

This way, currently our current maximum production capacity is 750,000 kilos per month. This figure will see a smooth increase together with the company growth.

We managed to visit two plants with the total production capacity of 500 tons; at one of these plants the second production line with the capacity of 500 kilos per hour is being installed at the moment. Availability of yet unoccupied land lots makes it possible to increase the manufacturing capacity. That’s why you should become our partner today and enter into collaboration on one of such projects.

Also, we are preparing a set of documents for the purchase of 2 ha of land close to the border with Czech Republic where a new object is to be located the next year. Please feel free to contact us if you feel interested in helping the environment and starting a profitable business.

The official information about the new factory construction will be published following the exhibition that is to take place in Dortmund, Germany in the beginning of November.

If you still haven’t decided whether you will visit us there or not, we would like to remind you that everyone who works with Recyclix can get a free ticket to the Recycling Technik Dortmund by sending an email to

Those who wouldn’t like to wait until November in order to meet with us and have a chat will be able to join us at the 2015 Plastics Recycling Europe conference in Madrid that’s to take place on October 27-28. At this conference we are planning to reveal our project that implies construction of a recycling plant in Brazil. However, this is a business-to-business event open to trade professionals only. Please visit for delegate fees information.

For the near future we are planning to organize so-called "Open Days“ for those recyclers who would like to have a chat with us. During these Open Days, you will be able to visit us and tour our headquarters in Lomza, and we will also take you to some production sites. We will inform you about the exact dates of these Open Days shortly, as well as the procedures on how to book your visit.

Now let’s get back to those things that have been outlined by our guests during the official meeting. The following will be improved in the near future in order to mainstream business process and facilitate Recyclix workflow:

  • Payouts to credit cards
  • Official company information source
  • Yearly income declaration or statement
  • Carrying out webinars
  • Promotional materials
  • Support of Greenpeace
  • User database validation
  • PR kit and mass media

We would like to remind you that there is a variety of Recyclix groups in social networks, which are independent, and therefore we are not responsible for the information published there. Our official social network pages based on the major language spoken and directly managed by Recyclix staff are:

We hope that the sponsor who has invited you to recycle with us is good at training and can give you the answers you are looking for. However, if you can’t receive the necessary information from your sponsor, please feel free to contact our customer support through one of the channels mentioned at our contact page.

We act locally and think globally because clean environment means clean future. Recyclix will always stay by the side of its partners.

Until very soon,
Recyclix Team

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